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For every product purchased, we’re empowering women in Gaza. We do this by partnering with a great organisation called Gaza Sky Geeks. With your help, we can contribute to their women's program in three ways:

  • Teach 10- to 17-year-old girls from refugee communities in Gaza to build mobile Android applications and connect them to female computer science role models.
  • Continue to increase women's participation in Gaza's tech sector, which is currently at 50% (one of the highest rates in the world).
  • Provide stipends for women and girls to travel to Gaza Sky Geeks' co-working space and take part in activities such as the girls coding club.

25k goal.

With this goal, we will teach not only coding and business skills to young Gazan girls, but also confidence and life skills.

In order to ensure women are securing investments and jobs at the same rates as men in 5-10 years, we need to build girls’ confidence now – and make sure they feel that they belong.

Girls in Gaza do not face stigma with regards to science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) fields. When their parents learn of computer programming job opportunities, they approve for cultural reasons (they can often work on all female teams, the hours tend to be flexible, etc.) They are also very eager to have any family member work: 70% of the population depends on humanitarian aid, but wants to be self-sufficient.

The challenge is that women in Gaza lose confidence during and after college: they do not believe they can run a business. The only role models they have are teaching, working in non-governmental humanitarian organizations (NGOs), or staying home. Most existing tech companies in Gaza are almost exclusively male, so women do not feel they belong. Women end up not pursuing computer science related careers.

We want to help change that by supporting Gaza Sky Geeks in providing not just technical training, but by building a community of women in tech & introducing girls to strong female role models in STEM fields.

Gaza Sky Geeks is on a mission to create the most inclusive startup and tech community in the world. To ensure that women are securing investments and jobs in 5-10 years at the same rates as men, we need to support girls’ confidence now – and make sure they feel that they belong. With your help, we can empower Gazan girls with self-expression and creativity.

Gaza Sky Geeks is a part of Mercy Corps, a registered 501(c)3.

Note: Startups and their supporting organisations must be nimble. In addition, Gaza is a quickly-changing environment. Your donation will empower Gaza Sky Geeks to build Gaza’s tech sector; we reserve the right to adjust the specific use as needed to ensure your donation has the biggest possible impact.