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The word “Halal” comes from an Arabic word which means permitted or acceptable according to Islamic law. 'Halal' is a holistic approach to life for Muslims, (rather) than just a list of ingredients that are allowed or not allowed for the followers of Islamic faith.

Halal implies the safety of ingredients and the process. With this being said, halal cosmetics are (increasingly) used by people who want to wear makeup safely and decrease harm to their skin.

Some big brands in the market contain ingredients that may be harmful to humans and that are not Halal. Ingredients such as petrolatum, fragrance, glycerin, carmine, parabens, lard, fatty acids and gelatin, as well as other items such as alcohol or ingredients extracted from animals like pigs, can be found in most makeup products.

How we differ from other products.

We follow the common interpretation of Islamic law: That Halal cosmetics must not contain any parts or substances of forbidden animals and must be handled with clean utensils. They must also be made from materials that are not harmful to humans.

At aisa, we pride ourselves on using only high-quality natural ingredients, GMPs (Good Manufacturing Practices - approved by the Ministry of Health in Malaysia) and pharmaceutical-based formulas that are not harmful to your skin and that are cruelty free.

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For every product purchased, we’re teaching Gazan girls how to code. We do this by partnering with a great organisation called Gaza Sky Geeks. With your help, we can teach 10- to 17-year-old girls from refugee communities in Gaza to build mobile Android applications and connect them to female computer science role models!

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